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Rear Admiral Dr. Louis Tripoli

What I like about joining the GROH®GRIT Team is that I don’t need to sell anything. With the many challenges we are facing with suicide, mental health, with our service members, veterans — actually with just all of us, the GROH®GRIT Systems just sell themselves. They are the right proven solution at the right time

– Rear Admiral Dr Louis Tripoli, Surgeon General, United States Indo-Pacific Command (Ret) GROH®GRIT Client Success Trainer & Mentor

our system

what you will gain

  • Proven measured outcomes since 1995
  • Proven teams who have worked together since 1992
  • Senior Leaders have worked together since 1987
  • Awarded sole source status by The Department of Defense in 2023
  • Award-winning inspirational proven content
  • Evidence based
  • Scientifically Designed
  • Proven senior and PM leadership team from The Department of Defense
  • Resilience + Strength + Servant Leadership + Joy + Mental Strength Systems = Stronger Teams all Levels
  • Found in more than 95% of the Fortune 500
  • Found in all federal agencies
  • 10,000 + films with proven impact for 25 years
  • Modern breakthrough innovations
  • Strength team-building
  • 24 + published MDs & PhDs
  • Innovative modern CME
  • 30 + languages
  • NATO languages
  • Fortune 100 enterprise advisory board
  • Client success with patent-pending reported impact data
  • Mentoring and leadership by example
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  • Lead By Example

    By The US Senior Mentor to NATO West Point Previous Commandant LTG (GEN) John Thomson (Ret) & GROH®GRIT Trainer & Client Mentor

  • Resilience Essentials ToolKit – With GROH® + WRAIR + ASAM

    With WRAIR and ASAM – Hosted by Katalina Groh from GROH® with Combat Commander and USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineer) Col. Aaron – the US Army Corps Of Engineers Commander + Combat Commander – Army Ranger & GROH®GRIT Trainer, Senior Mentor and Trainer on GROH®GRIT

  • Deployment Essentials

Augment Your Present LMS System – Add Proven Outcomes

The GROH®GRIT learning management system was designed to implement unique strength-based resilience through evidence-based strategies so that every individual in an organization (and their families) can thrive in a complex world.

We are exceptionally proud to deliver inspirational content direct to our users through a vast library of 10,000 + proven inspiring tools and impactful lessons taught by leaders in the field. From strategies to help everyone thrive in times of stress, to deep learning and CME for clinicians we create strong organizations and learning that “sticks”. We instill transformational outcomes to our clients in a secure system designed for individualized engagement at every level of an organization.

Conquer Priorities With Proven Success

Everything from addiction, violence prevention, leadership, trust, can be accessed easily and reported on, because we collect data behind it. All populations, to include historically disenfranchised will feel respected, and inspired through our modern resilience tools that cannot be found anywhere else. Our international impact begins with engaging every individual but ends with diverse mentally resilient communities. Take advantage of some of our introductory license fees discounted to help you bring proven impact inspirational systems to every individual on your teams.

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